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Las Vegas, the number one World Class Golf destination, is now at your finger tips each month.

Viva Vegas Golf is the ultimate newsletter for an opportunity to see inside the top golf destination in the world reaching over 200,000 golf travelers around the United States, Canada & Mexico. You will be guided through a quick description, beautiful images and layouts of all the great courses in Las Vegas.


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Want to know more? Link directly to golf course websites. Check out rates, memberships and book your next round of golf as you are planning an amazing Golf Vacation.

Looking for tips to improve your game? Try out our new video tips each month from local Las Vegas golf pros.

Large groups and tournaments please contact Viva Vegas Golf for rates.

I truly believe that Vegas is the ultimate golf destination in the world. You will keep coming back for more! says Ray Hurtado, Founder of Viva Vegas Golf and past Publisher of Vegas Golfer Magazine, Let us set your Game on Fire.

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